Sylvan Park

A stone’s throw from both Vanderbilt and Downtown Nashville, Sylvan Park claims title to few things. It is modest and well hidden. Houses in the neighborhood show little change in the last 75 to 100 years, with the intermittent renovation.

Pink, green, yellow and blue. At a first sweeping glance these houses seem familiar, but upon a second look, have quirky porches, front doors and gardens. You see many ranch-style houses, yet sprinkled about the neighborhood are larger houses with wrap-around porches and split rail fences, often covered in moss and time. Some homes have fences topped with lattice, broken up by moon gates and rosebushes.

Sylvan Park accommodates college students, young families and retirees alike. Interspersed with the houses you will find McCabe Golf Course, Sylvan Park Diner, Climb Nashville, Local Taco, Café Nonna, Star Bagel and Produce Place—local businesses that adapt to cater to every audience.

Friendly, warm and yet somewhat undistinguished, Sylvan Park has a welcoming presence in between the college flags and rivalries of Ole Miss, Arkansas, Vanderbilt and Tennessee.

Listening to: “Little Boxes,” as performed by Regina Spektor.

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