Shirking Senior Year Stress

I have dodged updating and revising my resume long enough. This is the week. The time is upon me.

I am a firm believer that resumes speak volumes about a person. Between fonts, words chosen and omitted, mistakes and formats, there is a lot to be said about a job candidate based on resume alone.

My previous resumes have been on the conservative, standard and ink-heavy side. This time around, I am looking for something a little sharper, bolder and iconic,  with more white space and far less text. How do I create my own personal brand? What can I do to convey my spunk and spark without seeming immature?

I must admit, it is difficult to hear my engineering and business friends talk about the jobs they have secured nearly a year in advance. The PR and communications industry is so strikingly different; I probably won’t have a job lined up with more than two or three months notice.

That being said, I am avoiding the stress of applying for jobs at this point, for better or worse. Although I am the anal, type-A, live by my calendar, know what I’m doing at 6:53 p.m. on March 22nd, 2013 kind of gal, I am taking senior year day-by-day (a completely novel approach to life for me). So far so good. I may be enjoying this approach a little too much. Let’s see how I feel after midterms in a week…

Any thoughts, suggestions and advice on resumes and the job hunt in the PR-marketing-communications-media relations industry is appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “Shirking Senior Year Stress

  1. Enjoy being in college as much as you can. It’s crazy how much your world changes post-grad!

  2. You are a very intelligent person!

  3. I was also a PR major and I remember the same feeling of not knowing what I was doing, yet having science or engineering friends being “courted” for whatever job they liked. Our career field is simply–different. I found value in never overlooking an opportunity even if it was an internship or unpaid. So often these lead into paid opportunities far beyond what any traditional job search would have brought. The proof? 2 years out of college, I now own my own PR firm. Good luck!

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