The Avett Brothers Take on Memphis

October is always the busiest month of the year for me, between school, birthdays, sorority philanthropy activities and life, I hardly have a spare minute. This past week included a breast cancer awareness benefit, a Tennessee Titans game, the Avett Brothers’ concert in Memphis, Parents Weekend at Vanderbilt, the Vanderbilt-Florida game and Big/Little reveal in my sorority.

Busy as a bee!

The Avett Brothers concert was quite possibly the best concert I have ever attended. Actually, hands down, it was the best concert I ever attended.

Fog cloaked Memphis, softening the glow of the city lights that sparkled behind the stage of the Mud Island Amphitheatre. Soft winds on top of the river chilled the air and prevented humidity from the fog to settle on the crowd.

The Avett Brothers promptly took to the stage about 8:10 with “Live and Die,” off their new album The Carpenter. They were engaging, enthusiastic and exciting–more than I could have imagined. Scott and Seth have an indescribable charisma and radiate an intoxicating sense of inclusion with every song and every lyric. Fans sing and dance along with the band, jumping, screaming, twisting and shouting. I’m not sure if fans love Scott and Seth more, or Bob the bassist. The crowd wildly cheered on Bob Crawford whenever he took control of the mic.

The band performed several songs of their new album, including “I Never Knew You,” “A Fathers First Spring,” “Down With the Shine,” “Through My Prayers” and “February Seven.” I must say, I was a little surprised by the lack of songs from Emotionalism, my personal favorite of all their discography. The brothers humbly thanked the audience, and honored Memphis with songs by Tom T. Hall (“That’s How I Got to Memphis”) and Doc Watson.

Hearing their music live allowed me to hear the cello and bass parts more clearly. I could recognize the musical quotes and references for the cello much more easily, making me appreciate their music that much more.

Although it was clear that the group was travel weary, I would still recommend them. If you ever get the chance, see the Avett Brothers.

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