Thoughts, Part I

Just a few thoughts while I don’t pay attention in my Roman Civilization class (which explains my last test grade):

Fake Smiles

I just can’t do them. The only reasons I can get through sorority recruitment is 1) loud, thumping music and 2) I genuinely want our organization to grow.

The Zipper

The best thing I have eaten in Nashville, hands down. Smoked salmon, honey black pepper goat cheese, caramelized onion and arugula on toasted marble rye (and I don’t even like rye). Congratulations, Silly Goose, on appeasing my fickle appetite and ever-hungry stomach. (And yes, I was terrified to eat salmon in Nashville, but it was good. Really good.)

Tights as Pants

When I pass a girl on the street wearing tights as pants, I make silent criticisms. Today, I went to the gym in my bright fuchsia cropped tights and immediately after went to class. Today, I was that girl that causes the head shakes and eye rolls. Talk about a humbling moment.

To the girls in front of me in class…

…on Reddit, Buzzfeed, Facebook and Asos: stop distracting me! I’m trying to write a blog post here. Er, I mean, pay attention in class.

Wreck It Ralph

On my watch list. Will see it, eventually. Mad Men is also on my watch list, and is sitting a little higher on my queue. And this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Vanderbilt Football

Hell Yes. Can’t wait to take on Tennessee this Saturday on our home turf.

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