Warby Parker: Social Entrepreneurship At Its Finest

Warby Parker Showcase at Imogene+Willie


I heard about Warby Parker for the first time this past summer. At first I scoffed at the idea of social entrepreneurship business ventures. Give back to communities, help to solve social problems and stay in the black? Impossible.

Last year, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie lectured at Vanderbilt about social enterprise, community involvement and understanding our place in the world, among other things. Much to my chagrin now, I missed that lecture.

TOMS, Warby Parker and Krochet Kids are only a few of many sprouting businesses that focus their company’s purpose on bringing about social revolutions through retail. This new model of business, style and community really hit me once I bought my first pair of Warby Parker’s–my midnight blue pair of Tenley sunglasses. Through this stylish purchase, I gave opportunity to someone halfway across the world; opportunity to become a better version of themselves, to give back to their own community and to further their own success.

Now just a few months later, I look forward to the reading glasses that will be sitting under the Christmas tree this year. My future pair of Duckworth reading glasses (or maybe Clydes) will see words far beyond the book in my lap, and that is the power of social entrepreneurship: global community.

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