While at the gym today, I read through the final print issue of Newsweek. The issue was dated December 31st of last year, meaning I am a month late to reading it. Also, I may have stolen it from the gym. Don’t judge me – it will be returned. Eventually.

In the editor’s note, Tina Brown’s headline struck a chord with me today:

“Sometimes, change isn’t just good, it’s necessary.”

I can’t agree more, Tina. I can’t agree more.

Back in October, I received a new Kindle that I hardly touched. To change my negligence, I purchased a book that seems to be the talk of the town: Love Does, by Bob Goff. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Goff organized the book in short chapters, each with an anecdote and a lesson of life and faith. The overarching idea of the book is opening yourself up to life. Though there are many, many lessons I could talk about today, there is one in particular I can’t stop thinking about: What happens when you say “yes” to the opportunities that present themselves to you? What can you learn? How can you grow? In what ways can you become a better version of yourself?

And so, my goal (end-date indeterminate) is to say yes, unabashedly and uninhibited. I may sleep a little less, have a little less money in my pocket and may find life a little more adventuresome.

Because sometimes change isn’t just good, it’s necessary.

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