Homemade Hummus: The Sarah Edition

This week, my roommate Sarah made homemade hummus. Sarah makes just about everything from scratch and it usually tastes pretty darn good. One might expect that I would have picked up a few of her tricks by now or maybe at least tried to become a better cook, but even after a year-and-a-half of living together, I am still just as tied to my Trader Joe’s pre-made meals and anything I can make with eggs and a bagel.

Last week, her confections included banana bread with brown butter frosting. This week, it was hummus and an apple crisp. Here are a few pictures of me cheering Sarah on while she chopped, blended and garnished red pepper hummus.

First, Sarah mixed up the organic tahini. Much like organic peanut butter, tahini compounds separate so that the oil sits on top.


Next, she sliced the red bell pepper into medium sized chunks so that it would purée a little smoother with the chickpeas. IMG_0465

IMG_0469Post purée:

IMG_0478One of my favorite tools in our kitchen is this vintage citrus reamer. Although it doesn’t have a seed catcher, it is still very helpful for squeezing lemons and limes. IMG_0473After Sarah added a clove of garlic and the freshly squeezed lemon juice, the chickpea-bell pepper purée began to look like hummus. Before, it looked more like food confetti.

IMG_0480A little parsley chopping action shot:

IMG_0483And voilà:


After she added a little extra lemon, salt and cayenne, the hummus turned out pretty tasty.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Hummus: The Sarah Edition

  1. Wow! Sarah IS talented… and good for you for documenting the whole process! Looks so good… ;o)

  2. aniasudol on said:

    almonds as well?. Wow, this hummus looks amazing. I make hummus too, (with extra virgin olive oil) but my hummus is nenver as good as the one I buy. I am addicted to hummus

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