Welcome to the Swamp

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, let’s establish it now: I am from Texas. The Lone Star State.  The Big D. The best state in the union. This past week, I stretched my limits as a land-lover to venture into the swamps of Louisiana – and boy was it a stretch.

A little background on the land of swamp people:

The wetlands of Louisiana are the largest (and quickest) disappearing landmass in the world. No joke! What was once land became swamp, and what was once swamp is now a black hole. Just kidding, it’s just water now.

The swamp is filled with cypress trees, willows, prairie grass and lots of Spanish moss. When I say lots of Spanish moss, I mean, so much Spanish moss that the people of Louisiana have historically used Spanish moss in bed stuffing and other household items because it is so readily available and abundant. Thank God I’m from the land of cotton. I’m not sure I could sleep on a lumpy bed of Spanish moss.

There are lots of birds, turtles, nutria and, as you may expect, alligators. Because my visit was a little early in the alligator season, there weren’t many gators out and about. I found a few sunning and soaking up the warm sun, but in general, the gators were in hiding.

In some images, you may see gates, poles and other territory markers. Swamp is (apparently) considered land, and the cajuns are very particular about demarcating what is theirs.

With that introduction, welcome to the swamp:







Prepare yourself – what you are about to see may be large and in charge with 750-pounds and very sharp teeth.

IMG_0682Our guide saw how much I wanted a picture, so he decided to voluntarily prod the gator. What a guy.




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